2015, a year I'll never forget

We settled in to Portland and biked all over town.

Scott & Chelsea visited in Mexico. So did Chase and Barrett and Chad and Clara.

Jessalyn started instagramming.

We hired Steph Crowder.

I fell and got stitches on my face.

We published our 100th episode of The Fizzle Show.

We watched the Ducks and Seahawks lose, and the Timbers win.

I learned my way around the kamado oven.

My sister Anna and her family moved to Austin.

We made lots of new Portland friends and caught up with old ones.

Lots of friends visited PDX: Kate, Shawna & Philip, Nic & Heather, Kevin and Rachel, Leanne, Leo & Eva, Chris, Shawn & Jess, Jon & Ashley, Chad & Clara, Rob & Jon, Brian & Emmy.

We lost Scott.

My mother-in-law Patti moved in with us for a couple of months.

I attended my 20th high school reunion.

We attended the World Domination Summit and Fizzle threw a big party. We hosted a dinner party at my house with 20 people.

We built the Fizzle roadmap and launched a new forums experience.

Jessalyn lost two grandmothers.

We saw Jenny Lewis and Death Cab in concert and saw the play Equus. We missed the Decemberists.

We bought a hot tub.

My dad and I smoked cigars and played pool in the afternoon.

Barrett and Nicole moved to Portland.

We celebrated our 14th anniversary.

We were wowed by PDX food and drink: Bollywood Theater, Nostrana, Pok Pok, Ava Gene’s, Davenport, Nomad PDX, Blue Star, Nong’s Kao Man Gai, Atuala, Podnah’s Pit, American Local, Renata, Cooper’s Hall, Taqueria Nueve, Apizza Scholls, Bamboo Sushi, Broder, Kachka, Loyal Legion, Lardo, Olympic Provisions, Block and Tackle, Grassa.

We dabbled in Oregon wine country.

We hosted some serious dance parties. Serious.

I started a newsletter and a new show.

We watched Diamond Jim rock out with his new band.

We traveled to: Seattle, Oahu, San Francisco and Bend.

Jessalyn moved into her new studio.

Chris had a baby.

We stayed in cabins with friends at Hood Canal, Benson Lake and Rockaway Beach.

I delivered a keynote talk on my birthday at Pioneer Nation.

We celebrated Brian’s 40th birthday in style.

2015 was amazing and sad and pivotal. What a year.

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