Hi, I’m Corbett Barr, an indie entrepreneur, content marketer and software developer. I’m Founder/CEO of Fizzle and Palapa and host of The Fizzle Show.

This is where I write about building meaningful, sustainable small businesses, living the good life, and doing work that matters. I try to approach everything I do with honesty, transparency, simplicity and humanity.

Currently, I split time between Portland and Mexico with my wife Jessalyn and our dog Frida.

I’ve been self-employed since 2006, and I’ve worked remotely since 2009. My blogs and podcasts have reached tens of millions of people.

I have both bootstrapped and raised VC. I’ve also been a consultant, freelancer, angel investor and board member.

Current Projects

  • Fizzle – build your business faster with the training, coaching, support and community at Fizzle.
  • Palapa – a modern, thoughtful discussion platform for online communities and teams.
  • The Fizzle Show – my podcast about earning a living doing something you love.

Speaking and Appearances

I love speaking and appearing on podcasts and shows. If you’re interested in having me on your show, or would like me to speak at your event, reach out via email: corbett@fizzle.co

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