A Simple Tip for Making Writing Easier

Creating great content on a regular basis is challenging, especially when you’re trying to write multiple blog posts per week.

The same challenge (and the solution I’m about to share) applies to video, audio or written content just the same. It’s never fun to sit and stare at a blank page, wondering if inspiration will ever come.

I’ve found that some days it’s just hard to write anything worthwhile off the top of my head. In those cases, I like to have a little well of creativity to draw from.

If you’re a writer and have had trouble coming up with ideas before, try this: keep a little idea journal running at all times. It doesn’t have to be complicated or in-depth. Just start a new notebook page (or draft blog post) and write down ideas you have for future posts.

I like to keep my idea journal updated in two ways. First, whenever a great idea comes to mind that I don’t want to forget, I write it down right away to be used later. Second, I purposefully sit down weekly and review the ideas in my journal and spend time adding to it then. You can just write a headline or a couple of sentences that will remind you of the idea.

If you keep one of these journals, it means you’ll spend less time staring at a blank page, and more time writing. The content will be better because you’ll be writing about something you thought was a good idea, instead of just writing to meet a deadline.

What tips do you have for making writing easier? Have you tried keeping an idea notebook before?

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