Every week, I help over 50,000 subscribers keep up on the world of entrepreneurship. Things change quickly, especially online, but the fundamentals of building a business mostly stay the same. I’ll help you separate what’s new from what’s true with useful advice, ideas and perspective.

More about me

I’m Corbett Barr. I’ve been an entrepreneur/creator for close to two decades now. At my last business Fizzle (sold to Zen Business in 2022), I coached over 30,000 people through the process of starting and growing businesses.

I’ve had several other successes and a bunch of failures learning opportunities over the years. I’ve bootstrapped and raised venture capital. I’ve been a freelancer, consultant, blogger, podcaster, software developer and agency owner. I’ve built and sold software, services and information.

Along the way, entrepreneurship became a way of life, part of my identity. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Starting my first business was the best decision I ever made, and sticking with entrepreneurship despite the ups and downs has been the most valuable accomplishment of my life.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have developed a knack for helping people see what really matters in business and life. If you subscribe, I hope my experience and perspective will help you become a happier, healthier, more successful entrepreneur.

Posting Schedule

I intend for this to be an almost weekly newsletter, minus some time off to recharge and stay fresh. You can expect a total of ~36 issues per year. Each month you can expect 3-4 issues in your inbox, except during full month breaks in July and December/January.

Paid subscribers get the weekly post, full archives, and invitations to a members-only community and live Q&A calls. Non-paid subscribers get regular free posts.

Ethics Statement

I don’t have anything to sell you, other than a paid subscription to this newsletter. I’m also not accepting sponsorships or running affiliate links of any kind. That means you don’t have to worry about ulterior motives and can trust that what I say here is what I think and not what someone paid me to say, or some step in a sales funnel. If anything changes I will be clear and upfront about it and will post an update here.

— Corbett

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Currently: Starting Things newsletter. Previously: Fizzle (sold to ZenBusiness). Lifelong creator/entrepreneur. Digital nomad since '09.