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More about me

I’m Corbett Barr. I’ve been an entrepreneur/creator for close to two decades now. At my last business Fizzle (sold to Zen Business in 2022), I coached over 30,000 people through the process of starting and growing businesses.

I’ve had several other successes and a bunch of failures learning opportunities over the years. I’ve bootstrapped and raised venture capital. I’ve been a freelancer, consultant, blogger, podcaster, software developer and agency owner. I’ve built and sold software, services and information.

Along the way, entrepreneurship became a way of life, part of my identity. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Starting my first business was the best decision I ever made, and sticking with entrepreneurship despite the ups and downs has been the most valuable accomplishment of my life.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have developed a knack for how to help people see what really matters in business and life. If you subscribe, I hope my experience and perspective will help you become a more successful, happier and healthier entrepreneur.

— Corbett


Corbett Barr
Life-long entrepreneur/creator.