Are You Putting Off Life Until Later?

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My brother-in-law’s best friend just died at a young age leaving everyone connected to him frozen in shock.

The saddest part for me is that he was largely estranged from his family and that he had put his life on hold. He lived life like he was poor, even though he had plenty of money coming in. It was like he was going to enjoy himself “one day”.

Just before he died he had finally started doing things he enjoyed, buying a motorbike and doing up his house. Still, he seemed to be locked into thinking that now was for working, and later was when he would have time for living.

Does this sound like anyone you know?

Are you putting off life? Or as Corbett calls it, are you living the “deferred-life plan?" Worse, are you waiting for life to “happen to you?”

These events were one of the catalysts for me booking a vacation to Australia and New Zealand. As someone with a consulting business you might think it is crazy to take so much time out in “this economy,” but there will never be a perfect time. My daughter is getting older, and there will be a time when she does not want to spend time with us.

With my moving from 100% consulting to digital delivery of courses, such as my Authority Blogger course, I finally have a business that does not completely close down when I am not there for a while. It seems to me I would be crazy NOT to take the trip.

Action Equals Happiness

My brother decided one day he was going to pack in his office job, move to London and enroll in a guitar institute. People called him crazy, but I could see just by making the decision he was both terrified and exhilarated. When he really got going with the course it was the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever seen him. He was where he was meant to be. Just the rent for his flat in London is more than some people make as a monthly wage, but he is living his dream.

Take management of your life today so you can live life now rather than in some vague, idealized “later.”

The Time Is Now

There will never be a perfect time, the only time you have is now. Start making progress toward the life you want… before time runs out.

What do you think? Have you managed to get the life you want or are you still working towards it? Please share in the comments

Chris Garrett is an internet marketing consultant and business blogger living in the UK. You can find him at his own blog, and client blogs such as Cogniview and Promotions Blog

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