Freedom And Money

I used to tell myself this story, about how freedom and money were mutually exclusive; that in order to gain personal freedom, you'd have to sacrifice earning potential. Or, the other way around: to maximize earning potential, you would have to sacrifice personal freedom.

This turns out to be completely untrue.

Money and freedom aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, I'm now seeing that more freedom leads to more money... as long as that freedom comes from self employment, not simply from a flexible job.

This came up last weekend in wine country. A blogger friend and I were out with our wives for an afternoon of wine tasting. We have both built freedom into our lives over the past few years that we never knew was possible before. He is about to set off on an around-the-world trip, and I continue to spend 5+ months traveling each year, including winters in Mexico.

He and I both realized that instead of trading money for freedom, we  were now each earning more than we had ever earned before, even in high-pressure, high-earning careers. This, despite now being completely in control of essentially everything that really matters in our lives.

Next time you catch yourself telling that little story about how you could only pursue freedom if you were willing to give up money, think again.

Yes, there will be sacrifices in the short-term, but if you achieve the kind of freedom you never knew was possible, it's likely you'll start earning the kind of money you never knew was possible.

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