Having Your Cake and Eating It

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“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

I heard this saying way back in the early grades of school and always saw it as some sort of riddle that I knew had to have a solution. The only way to have your cake and eat it is to clone your cake and eat the clone while keeping the original in the fridge.

The reason for the title of this post is that I think it resonates with many things in life.

It is something that I have struggled with and sometimes still do. I want so many different things. I have a desire to have lots of clothes, cars, houses, to be able to speak different languages and be skilled at many arts and crafts. This desire is not necessarily what I want, but the impulses to have and hoard all these things are there.

The reality of life is that you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, you can only drive one car at a time and live in one house in one country at a time. The more you try to have many things of the same by having 6 different houses in different countries, having different girlfriends, having different cars for every week of the year, the more you are spreading yourself thin. Eventually by doing this, you get a little bit of everything but never a large amount of anything.

There are of course exceptions, but in general people are creatures of habit. We like to find a routine and get used to it. It is okay to change that routine every now and then, or to travel or take holidays.

What I’m saying is that often it is neccessary to make a choice of the things you love the most. There may be 8 things that you like a lot, but out of those 8, if someone put a gun to your head, you will always be able to choose 1 or 2 that you prefer over the others. This choice of the favorites is something that I strive to do. It makes life simpler and more enjoyable.

It is the same with work projects. You can have 10 great ideas, and start working on all of them simultaneously. Chances are you will burn yourself out before you even get any of those ideas off the ground and turn them into reality. I have personaly experienced that when starting out my internet marketing journey. I knew nothing about it, and while reading and learning, I continuously discovered new and different methods to make money online. Everytime I found a new method that sounded like it made sense, I started a new project with this method. This resulted in me starting tens of different projects and not completing a single one of them.

Of course this has been part of my learning process. I am happy to say that I am only focusing on 2 big projects right now, and I feel much more comfortable and feel like I’m making progress. We are able to achieve much more by focusing our energy and creativity one one or two projects instead of spreading it out between 10.

It is the same with life. Envision your life energy and happiness as a jar of raspberry jam. All these things that you want in life like friends, houses, shoes, cars and anything else can all be seen as slices of bread (some white, some whole wheat and some toasted). If you have too many slices of bread, you will get very little jam on each slice. Eventually you will not even have enough jam to put on the bread.

What kind of food is that, bread without jam? Not a very tasty one is it?

Sometimes it’s best making a choice of the thing you want and like the most, and to be content with the fact that you totally and completely chose the one thing you love the most out of everything.

One word of advice I would give about making the choice of what is best: choose that which your heart desires and what you are passionate about. Avoid choosing something because of greed or fear. Yes sure, other things may be great, and you may have to say no to them. However, in the end, the thing you are most passionate about is better than the other things were at the time. You should be able to have absolutely no regret about the choice you made.

In Dutch there is a saying: “rather one bird in the hand than 10 in the air”


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