Why this Recession Is a Great Time for New Freelancers


(photo by ginnerobot)

Now is your chance to start a career as a freelancer and never look back on that corporate job. As companies scramble to cope with this recession and lay workers off, they are increasingly turning to freelancers to get work done.

This is presenting a huge opportunity for people looking to get started as freelancers. Companies are unable to hire full-time employees because of budget freezes, but still need to get important work done. They have no choice but to turn to freelancers and contractors.

According to a survey issued by oDesk, more than 40% of small businesses are planning to outsource more during this current recession. And they’re outsourcing more functions than previously. Almost one-third said they are now outsourcing something that they previously thought they couldn’t.

It may be too early to say if these new attitudes are part of a permanent shift towards greater acceptance of contract work among corporations and small businesses. If you have recently lost your job, however, this may be the perfect opportunity to explore freelancing and decide if it would work for you in the long run.

Are you thinking of getting started as a freelancer? Is it because you recently lost your job, or are you thinking of quitting for some other reason? Let us know in the comments.

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