How to Stand Out in a Sea of Noise

Whatever space or niche or idea you decide to build your thing around, chances are there are hundreds or thousands of (or more) competitors out there already.

All these other players create a sea of noise that means your voice simply won’t be heard, even if you have something decent to say.

To succeed, we all have to believe deep down that things will be different for us; that we’ll somehow be able to stand out from that sea of noise.

It’s crazy to think you will be one of the few who get heard, but everyone who starts a blog or writes a book or launches a podcast or builds a business believes they’ll be heard over everyone else.

Yet most people jump in with nothing more than a vague idea of “trying harder” or “being better” than everybody else, hoping this is enough to rise above the noise.

I’ve seen hundreds of success stories over the past decade as an entrepreneur, and I’ve seen thousands of failures. Nothing will guarantee success, but these five strategies for standing out will serve you much more than a vague idea of “being better.”

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