The Difference Between You and the Most Incredible People on Earth

What’s the difference between you, right now, and the most incredible people who have ever lived?

Think about the most accomplished people you admire and look up to (I’m probably not talking about your mom or boss here).

I’m talking about the people who seem to be in a completely different league: the people who have changed the world, the people who are adored by thousands, the people who have it all. Heads of state, actors, business tycoons, philanthropists, inventors, nobel prize winners, renaissance men.

What are the differences between those people and you?

(this isn’t a trick question)

I like to separate the differences into two categories: things you can change and things you can’t.

Here are some of the differences between you and them that you can’t change or control: where you were born, the family you were born into, the opportunities you’ve had so far in your life, your natural skills and abilities.

No question, there are some uncontrollable differences that might matter, but what about the things you can control? Let’s focus on those differences and our ability to change them:

They dreamt big.

How big are your dreams? Do you unconsciously limit the things you even dream of doing? Have you ever tried to dream as big as your heroes have?

They believed they could do it.

Can you believe in yourself and your mission, to a degree that might seem crazy to outsiders? Why not? What makes you believe other people can accomplish things that you can’t?

They practiced their craft ruthlessly.

What is your craft? Do you own it?

Do you hone your skills day in and day out? Are you working towards world-class expertise or skills or just dabbling?

They took relentless action.

Dreaming, believing and having capacity will get you no where without action. Can you take relentless action toward your impossible goal?

They took advantage of opportunities that came their way.

Do you put yourself in places where opportunity abounds? Do you recognize opportunity when it knocks? Do you seize on it?

They took advantage of their natural skills and abilities.

Do you fight your true nature, or let it flourish?

What's stopping you from being incredible?

Yes, the most incredible people in the world are brilliant, but don’t you have brilliance inside you?

For every difference between you now and those you admire most, there are also similarities. They were once fearful, they were once unsure, they once questioned themselves and they were once not so incredible. But, they didn’t let those fears and doubts keep the incredible from happening.

You don’t have to become a head of state or win a nobel prize to be an incredible version of yourself. There are lots of ways to be incredible.

But know this: the incredible version of yourself is probably much, much more impressive than you’ve ever imagined. As humans, we tend to limit ourselves that way.

Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. There are so many things you can control, and relatively few differences between you and the most incredible people you can think of. They dreamt big, believed it was possible and took relentless action. They made the most of what they had, broke through their perceived limits.

They became incredible people.

Now what are you going to become?

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