Meet 5 More People With Awesome Unconventional Lifestyles


When you think about people who are able live in multiple locations each year, what do you imagine they do for a living?

You might automatically assume that nomadic and location independent people are rich or retired. If not rich or retired, you might assume they run an online business or otherwise rely on the Internet to make money.

The reality is that all kinds of people have designed unconventional lifestyles for themselves that allow them to live and work where they choose.

As I wrote before, I’ve met far more nomadic and location independent people while traveling this year who work in “regular” jobs than people who are rich or retired or who earn a living online.

The people I’m going to tell you about below are real. Each of them has designed a unique and unconventional lifestyle that lets them live just how they want to. I’ve changed their names to maintain their privacy.

The Bar Owner

Jeremy just celebrated his 40th birthday, but you would guess he was in his early 30s because of his energy level and appearance. After going to graduate school for journalism and writing for a regional newspaper, he decided he wanted to pursue a completely different path in life.

One year over a decade ago, he visited a small beach town South of the Border. He’s been back every year since and has become well known throughout the town. He now even speaks Spanish pretty well. Jeremy fulfilled a lifelong dream a few years back when he opened a bar in town. The bar affords him enough to live on for half the year down there, and he returns back to Oregon during the summers to coach high school soccer.

The Language Teacher and the Musician

Barb and Ken are quite an interesting couple. They’re both in their 60s and never had kids. They spend winters in Mexico and Summers in Vancouver, Canada. Maybe they haven’t saved enough for retirement or maybe they just like what they do. She’s an actor, singer and teacher, and he’s a musician and sound engineer.

During the summers, Ken works as a freelance sound engineer while Barb teaches acting at the college level. In the winter in Mexico, she teaches English to tourists, and they play jazz together every week (she sings and he plays guitar) at a popular restaurant.

The Innkeepers

Bonnie and Bob split time between their two favorite locations each year while sharing the experience with dozens of guests. They own two small inns, each with room for 6 to 8 guests. One is at the beach in Mexico and the other is on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Bob was in real estate for many years and Bonnie ran a small chain of hair salons. Their kids are grown, so they wanted to spend winters down in a warmer climate. Since they weren’t ready to retire, running the small inns was a great way to live in two places while still earning an income.

What's Your Formula?

The exciting part about meeting all of these people for me has been the realization that it’s possible to live a unique, unconventional and interesting lifestyle without being rich or retired, and that there are lots of ways to go about it. I’m really inspired to create my own unique situation that lets me live how I want to now.

What do you think? Do you have a lifestyle design in mind that doesn’t rely on the Internet to earn an income? Please tell us in the comments!

photo by robokow

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