How to Find a Great Business Name When Everything is Already Taken

Finding a name for your business is both important and HARD.

On one hand, you want to find a name that elevates your business above the competition. On the other hand, it’s next to impossible to find a great name that isn’t already taken, especially when you throw domains and social media handles into the equation.

How do you find a great name for your business when everything is already taken?

There are some simple tricks and strategies you can use to make the process easier. But you also need to have patience and exercise your creativity.

If you’re looking for a great name, the latest episode (Episode 8) of Lifestyle Business Weekly is for you. Watch or listen to hear my tips on naming. I’ve named a half dozen companies and have learned from the experts (and trial and error) both how to find a name, and what makes a truly great name.

You can also listen to the episode here (or on iTunes):

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Namechk — see which social media usernames are available
Domainr — find a great domain name
Igor’s Naming Guide — the best guide to naming from experts

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