The Pros and Cons of Long-term Travel (an Honest Assessment)

Long-Term TravelI’m in the middle of packing for a 2-3 month trip to Mexico, which has me thinking a lot about the good and bad aspects of long-term travel. If you’ve thought about doing some extended travel, I thought you might appreciate an honest assessment of both positives and negatives.

This time around, things will be a little easier for us, since we spent 7 months traveling last year. We’re also headed back to a place we’ve already been to, which requires less research and planning than going somewhere completely new.

The Benefits of Long-term Travel

Let’s talk about the good aspects of extended travel first.

You may have heard some of this before. I wrote quite a bit about how much I enjoyed our travels last year, and for good reason. There is a lot to love about traveling long-term. It literally changed my life.

The Negatives of Long-term Travel

Now to the negatives of traveling long-term.

What, there are downsides to extended travel? Yes, definitely. In fact, some of these are reasons enough to keep some people from trying long-term travel at all. It can be uncomfortable and challenging. There are also some risks and costs involved.

All Things Considered, Is Long-term Travel Worth It?

For me, there’s no question that long-term travel is worth it. I think the answer depends on a number of factors though, including where you’re traveling to, who’s going with you and how long you’ll be gone. I would want to live in Siberia alone for two years (or Houston for a year, which I did back in 2001).

What do you think? What are the pros and cons of long-term travel? Is it worth it to you? Tell us in the comments!

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