Do it Now, Do it Live, Hit Publish! (a Rapid-fire Lesson from @EvBogue and James Franco)

Yesterday I was feeling a little creatively drained. Today I’m feeling amped. So it goes. I’m going to take advantage of the amped-ness and run with it now.

I’m rocking some Taleb Kwali on the headphones. He’s pretty badass. I can usually count on some good old Brooklyn-style rap to put me in a right frame of mind.

Just before I started writing this, I read a quick post from Everett Bogue about his slight obsession with James Franco. (side note, I’m slightly obsessed with James Franco too – any high-profile actor who would commit to a year on a soap opera as a dare / art experiment is worth paying attention to in my book)

Ev did something I’ve never done today. He wrote a post in a flash of creativity and hit publish right away. No waiting, no planning, no scheduling, no scheming. Just raw, unbridled thoughts from the heart available online seconds after they were conceived.

And it made me think. Isn’t blogging supposed to be a flexible, creative, experimental way to connect with other people?

Why are most of us so calculating and rigid about our publishing schedule? Are we afraid people won’t care, that they won’t be there to tweet, comment and like our posts?

The freedom to write and publish in one fluid motion used to be a primary characteristic of blogging. Now it’s like most of us are slaves to a schedule and rhythm that takes away one of the most creative aspects of the platform.

So I’m going to hit publish right after I finish this. I’m excited just by the thought of all the freedom that rapid-fire publishing could bring. That’s probably why Tumblr is so popular these days. Who wants the burden of a rigid writing schedule?

While we’re on the topic of creativity and public rambling, I also need to thank Everett and others for introducing me indirectly to I am loving the platform. If you have an iPhone, check it out. Anyone can capture and share amazing photos with The photo at the top of this post is from my morning walk yesterday. Pretty cool, right?

I love because it encourages spontaneous sharing of content, and it makes your content better. It’s a great way to get to know people on a different level than Twitter or even blogging allows.

What I really want now is a way to share my stream on my blog, but I’m not aware of any widget, plug-in or whatever for WordPress yet. Anyone know of any?

Update: thanks to Benjamin in the comments for pointing me in the direction of a couple of WordPress plugins that display photos in the sidebar. I’m now using the Instapress plugin to show off some photos in the sidebar, if you’re into that kind of thing.

If you’re a blogger, here’s a question and a challenge: why do so many of us feel so beholden to publishing on a schedule? Try hitting publish on your next flash of an idea. Let me know how it turns out. Come back here and give me a report if you try it. Use this hashtag from Ev if you share your rapid-fire missive on Twitter: #pushingpublish.

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