What it Really Takes to Run an Online Membership Community

Chase, Barrett and I are guests on this week's episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn. Pat's podcast is a Top 5 business podcast in iTunes, and it's really fun to be on as a guest for the third time (I was also on back in 2011 and 2010, talking about web traffic strategies).

In today's episode, we share everything we've learned about building Fizzle.co, and the ins and outs of running an online membership community in general.

People sometimes think running a membership-based site is, as Pat says, the "holy grail of passive income." In reality, its a ton of work and there are plenty of reasons to think twice before building something with as many maintenance needs as a community like Fizzle.

Check out the full episode to find out what I mean:

Smart Passive Income podcast #147

SPI 147: Behind the Scenes of a Thriving and Active Membership Site — with Corbett, Chase, and Barrett from Fizzle.co »

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