Screw It, Let's See What Happens

I’m willing to bet right now that you know exactly what you should be doing to create your next personal or business breakthrough, but you’re not doing it.

We all have these obvious high-leverage activities that we don’t pursue. We know what they are, but we don’t do them because we’re scared.

For example, maybe you’re an musician who knows you should be contacting venues, agents and labels, instead of waiting to be “discovered,” but you’re scared to reach out.

Maybe you’re a blogger who’s stuck on a growth plateau. You know you should be writing guest posts for bigger blogs, but you’re scared to send your proposal.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who knows you need to cut back on scope and just ship your first product, but you’re scared to find out what the world thinks of your idea.

Instead of doing these things that we know would lead to new breakthroughs, we distract ourselves with the familiar and comfortable.

We do what’s easy, so we achieve easy results.

The next level is just outside our reach because we won’t confront our fears and push outside our comfort zone, even for a moment.

The path is clear, but fear and doubt keep us from taking action.

Think about your own situation. What actions have you been avoiding because they’re outside your comfort zone? Which things do you suspect might lead to a breakthrough, but you haven’t found the courage to try?

What’s it going to take for you to finally do that thing?

When are you going to say “screw it, let’s see what happens?”

If your attempt is unsuccessful, you might end up with a bruised ego or temporary embarrassment, but you’ll also gain knowledge and courage that you don’t currently have.

If you succeed, you might just have a whole new opportunity on your hands.

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