Do the Uncomfortable

As writers/creatives/artists, there's this negative cycle we tend to get in. You're naturally critical of your own work, because you spend so much time observing and judging other people's work.

Then, being critical of your own work prevents you from sharing your work with the world, because you don't think it's ready or good enough.

By not putting your work out, the only feedback you get is from the harshest critic of all, yourself, which makes you even more afraid to put your work out...

And the cycle continues.

But the ONLY way to reach your true potential is by putting your work out in the world. External dialog and feedback will take your work to places you can never take it on your own.

Success as a writer/creative/artist comes from doing the uncomfortable. You have to buckle down and force yourself out of your self-imposed negative feedback loop.

You have to put your work out there.

It's the only way.

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