Have You Unplugged Lately?

For the past 8 days or so, I've been almost completely unplugged from the web. We're finally getting settled in to our new place in Portland and I've been so busy with the packing-moving-unpacking cycle that I had to take a break from everything online. I can't remember the last time I unplugged for this long, and this completely. I think it was during a long European vacation a few years back. It always feels great, especially when you have something important or distracting enough going on that you don't worry about what you're missing.

I've quit caffeine a few times before, for a couple of weeks or more, and unplugging from the internet feels similar. A little rough at first, then calming, then reassuring that you aren't dependent anymore.

And then it always feels great when you get back in, fresh and fun again. Like reconnecting with a dear old friend.

I think it's important to disconnect once in a while. Cycle on and cycle off, like most things in life.

When was the last time you unplugged completely? How did it feel? Do you think it's important?

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