What I Learned from Today's Fizzle Show Episode

Today's episode of The Fizzle Show, episode 99 is quite different from our normal format, and I really liked it. I didn't have a hand in today's episode at all. Instead of our usual three-host talking heads format, Chase put together a dynamite package that he's been working on for a while. Today's show is much more in the vein of This American Life or Radiolab.

The theme of the show is productivity journaling. I thought it sounded a little boring at first, but I was totally wrong.

Chase sets up the episode with a study from the Harvard Business Journal on how productivity journaling boosted overall work performance by 22.8%. The simple idea is that reflection improves performance, and that the concept of self-efficacy explains the relationship.

Chase finds and interviews two people who have successfully been using productivity journaling (Mike Vardy and Shawn Blanc). Each of them shares his approach and results and offers tips and tools for getting started.

I was sold on giving this a shot. It's too simple not to try. Essentially, by reflecting daily on what you accomplished, you gain confidence about your ability to get things done and shape how each day goes down. This only takes 10 minutes, and the Harvard study points to some incredible results from the simple exercise.

Anyway, you should really listen to the episode, and not just because we produced it at Fizzle. It's really good and actionable. Nice work Chase, and thanks Mike and Shawn.

Listen here: Two Experts Share Exactly How to Use a Productivity Journal (+ How to Increase Productivity by 23%) »

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