Why Beer is the Most Important Part of Business

Wait, did I say “beer?” I should probably explain.

So I was chatting yesterday with James Chartrand of the excellent Men with Pens about the upcoming relaunch of the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course.

James mentioned that selling products about marketing doesn’t sit well with certain audiences. I agreed and made some comment about how “marketing” is such a dirty word to some people.

I asked in passing, can we rename marketing to something more appealing?

James (being the consummate wordsmith) came up with this excellent suggestion:

“Beer. Let’s rename it beer.”

Wouldn’t that be great? Everybody likes beer, right?

But most people don’t like marketing. Or, most people don’t like being marketed to. And small business people and freelancers don’t like the idea of having to market or sell something.

It’s completely understandable. Pushy sales tactics and being sold something you don’t really need or care about is a huge turn off. Those experiences we all have and hate end up coloring what we think about marketing in general.

But marketing beer is probably the most important part of building a business, so as a small business owner or freelancer, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Marketing is more than just tactics and promotion. It’s how you care about your customers. It’s the story you tell about your products and your reason for being. It’s the way you make your business stand out in the sea of boring companies and useless products. It’s everything you do to define your business and connect with your audience.

It’s too bad that marketing has such a bad reputation. It can be such a good thing.

So what’s the solution?

Well, we could rename marketing beer, but eventually people would just dislike beer. And that wouldn’t be good. I like beer too much to do that to it.

Instead, what if all of us who engage in marketing but actually care about our customers and the products we’re selling banded together? What if we rose up and stood for what we believe in and spread the word about how marketing can be done right?

And what if as consumers we only patronized the businesses who really care about us and the products they sell? What if those great little companies multiplied and took over the economy and squeezed the sleeze from existence?

That sounds like a world I’d like to live in.

So I’ll vote with my dollars and spread the word about the great little companies who care. When I create and market a product, I’ll try to always put my customer’s interests first.

Are you with me?

This whole thought process started because of the conversations I’ve had with other bloggers about my upcoming course. Because the course is about affiliate marketing, it has a stigma to overcome. Affiliate marketing, like marketing in general, makes people skeptical at first.

But the thing is, affiliate marketing is an important concept that deserves your consideration if you plan to do any business online.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is simply a referral model. When I refer a customer to a business I care about, that business rewards me with a commission.

It’s a way to pay your fans for supporting you. Or to get paid for supporting products you love.

What’s not to like about that? Well, too many “gurus” have pushed too many expensive products with questionable value too many times. And too many gurus have sold expensive courses on affiliate marketing that teach those pushy tactics that you probably hate.

I understand the stigma any course on marketing has to overcome, and that’s why I created an entirely different type of course. This one doesn’t tell you to promote products you haven’t used or don’t love. It doesn’t teach you to use promotional techniques you won’t be proud of just to make a sale.

There’s enough of that garbage in the world already, and I want to set an example for how marketing can be done right.

The Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course comes out next Tuesday, August 10th at 8am PST. I hope you’ll check it out to see if it’s right for you. And if not, that’s totally fine too.

What’s your solution to the disdain for marketing? Do you like beer? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

photo by defekto

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