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Personally, I miss the online forums. I don't think chats work very well. They speed up conversation, but in practice I don't find that to be a good thing.

It's the same for me with live sessions. It's efficient for the broadcaster, but it's extremely inefficient for the viewer.

Honestly, I would rather pay you to have that information condensed and edited for me into a video or an article.

I'd much rather read comments like this if I want to, and decide myself instead of being forced to take part of every single Question like you do on a Live session.

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Hey Corbett! Just signed up for the membership here and am excited to see where Starting Things goes!

I'll just throw the hat in the ring for "Circle" for platform of choice. I think it offers some amazing functionality to take the best of community features and present them in a modern, "it just works" type interface.

I'm not a big fan of live-chat-forward type apps for this kind of thing (i.e. Slack, Discord), as it's just so easy to get lost in the muck.

Happy to provide further testimonials/thoughts on Circle or online communities in general.

Looking forward to connecting with more folks through your platform!


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In my opinion, that poll won't deliver a conclusive result. It would have been easier for people to pick between the types of platforms, i.e. chat tool like Slack / forum / community platform like Mighty networks.

In my case, I don't know Circle, so I didn't consider it on my vote.

And personally, I find chat tools good for ad-hoc conversations, but also extremely chaotic and not a good choice to create long-term value/user-generated content.

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